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Precision Mold(DG)

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Precision Mold Shop-Dongguan Division: lnaugurated in 2015, equipped with the latest high percision machines and specializes in the manufacturing of multi cacity molds, high tolerance molds for connectors and gears, 2K molds, perfect fit for the Medical, Electronic and Telecommunication markets.

Tec Mold capital investment was directed into high end manufacturing equipment from Japanese and European manufacturers, the list includes MIKRON and OKUMA high speed CNC up to 40000RPM, AgieCharmilles EDM machines, SODICK slow wire cut machines and OKAMOTO grinding machines capable to hold tolerances of ±0.001mm.

Mold Design

  • Department of Design

? ? ? ?Design team firmly believes that "high-quality products began in first-class design", with an average of 10 years of mold design and manufacturing experience, specializing in small and medium-sized mold design and manufacturing. Automatic loosening of the system, folding systems and other complex situations can easily deal with. TEC's design and manufacturing processes follow international standards such as DME, HASCO and OTHERS, and we can also use custom standards.


Quality Control

  • Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine
  • NIKON Digimicro Digital Height Gauge NIKON Digimicro Digital Height Gauge
  • Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine


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