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Large Mold(DG)

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TEC Mold Large Mold Shop-Dongguan Division: Specializes in large sized molds, with the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques. The tool makers have a combined experience over 20 years in the large tooling industry. The high end large manufacturing equipment allow us to handle all types of large size molds up to 40 tons in weight and capable to CNC machining up to 3 meters in length manufacturing molds for interior and exterior application in the automotive industry.

Mold Design

  • Department of Design

Large Mold Shop-The design team is proficient in large mold design, the expertise in bumpers, door panels, front grill, consoles, instrument panels, places TEC Mold as a top choice for your large mold needs. The team has an average experience of 12 years designing big molds. A large capacity workstation allows the team to handle large amounts of data efficiently.


Quality Control

  • HEXAGON CMM Machine (2000*3300*1000mm) HEXAGON CMM Machine (2000*3300*1000mm)
  • HEXAGON CMM Machine (1000*1500*800mm) HEXAGON CMM Machine (1000*1500*800mm)
  • Optical Projector Optical Projector


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